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  • Custom Springfield TRP 1911

    Springfield Armory TRP 1911
    with; 10-8 Performance Hardened Pin set,
    10-8/Vickers Trigger,
    10-8 Magazine Catch,
    10-8 Slide stop,
    10-8 Rear Sight
    Tritium Front pinned and dovetailed,
    Ed Brown Hammer Strut,
    Guncrafter Industries Recessed Lanyard Mainspring housing with Wolff spring.
    VZ Grips with Flat-head Screws,
    Surefire X200B with Dawson adapter
    DG-18 pressure switch,
    Ed Brown Spring Guide and Plug,
    ISMI Chrome Silicon Recoil spring,
    Dawson Rail installed by Dawson Precision.
    The magazine well was expertly beveled and refinished.


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