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Basic Noveske 14.5" AR15

Quick look at a Basic Noveske 14.5″ AR15 with the following accessories;
LMT 14.5″ Barrel
Perm Attached Surefire 212 Suppressor flash hider
La Rue 13.2″ Railed Forearm
Tango Down Pistol Grip (Custom stipled)
Tango Down Vertical Grip (Custom stipled)
Aimpoint T1 Micro w/ LaRue Mount
Troy Front and Rear flip up BUIS
Surefire Scout Light w/ KM2 Vampire Head (White / IR)
Laser Devices DBALA2
Magpul P-Mag
V-Tac Sling
Noveske QD Receiver Endplate
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle


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